Laser Tag Michigan with Outdoor Laser Tag and Airsoft
Laser Tag and Airsoft Games
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Outdoor Laser Tag is a game of tag played by all ages with no mess, lots of fun and no goggles !

We are going to be open May 2014 for Airsoft and Laser Tag.

We are located close to South Bend and Elkhart IN and Niles, Edwardsburg MI.  We are approx 20-30 mins out towards Cassopolis MI.  We are no longer at Plum St in elkhart, and the field is outdoors only.  We do not have a street address but you can find us with the directions on the website under the "directions" tab.  GPS works to find the intersection where we are located and we also have mapquest directions you can print off. We are only there by appointment

We offer great birthday party and group games!

It is played outdoors and the new weapons shoot a beam of infrared light, just like your TV remote and the beam registers a hit on the opponents weapon.    Tag - your it!

We are only open for groups by appointment.  You need a deposit to hold your date and time for play.    

CAll AFTER 4:00 pm Mon-Thurs
9 am - 9 pm Fri-Sun

email - info@lasertagmichigan dott komm

LTM Laser Tag and Airsoft Michigan

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laser tag

This is the new game to play! Here you can use technology just like in your favorite computer game. If you can aim, you can hit objects from 300 to 500 ft away! Can you say Sniper?

Outdoor Laser tag is a game like paintball but there are no bruises, and no pain.  We do not run in a black light environment, it is played much more like paintball but you do not have to wear fogged up masks.  Everyone is equal in this game. No one has an uneven advantage. Here, the good guys really do win.  

If you are more interested in airsoft, we are now offering that too! 



We are currently offering mobile outdoor Laser Tag. Please call us at 269-849-6893.   We can also go mobile for laser tag, meaning we come to your location.   

Laser Tag video to see what it is like.