Laser Tag Michigan with Outdoor Laser Tag and Airsoft
Laser Tag and Airsoft Games
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Laser Tag Michigan is a place to learn all about the new sport of combat arms, such as outdoor and indoor laser tag, paintball and airsoft. 

Laser Tag Michigan is a new place that allows almost every kind of combat sport to be played.  Most places consist of a place that is geared toward a very particular sport, such as paintball only.  This leaves out a large segment of the community that might not want the bruises that accompany paintball. 

The new sport of outdoor laser tag is actually geared toward a more mature audience that wants a live version of the cool video games now out.  Think Call of Duty or Battlefield Series. 

The new outdoor laser tag is a little like paintball in the way it is played, except it is a little more mission orientated and can be played with more realism due to the range of the guns.  You must use tactics to win, rather than a super fast gun.